CREATOROak Ridge Associated Universities
TITLEHealth Physics Historical Instrumentation Collection
DATE PUBLISHED18 August 2008

This website displays an extensive collection of photographs of radiological instruments with information about them, as well as other items related to the history of the nuclear age. Included, for example, are photographs of dosimeters, contaminated tea from Turkey, a roof tile from Hiroshima, ionization chambers, and so-called cures for radiation. Also presented is a collection of online documents that are primarily about radiological instrumentation; the collection includes historical instrumentation manuals, civil defense publications, oral histories, and reports on radiological accidents from many countries, as well as an assortment of materials pertaining to the history of the nuclear age. Maintained by the Oak Ridge Associated Universities and located at the Professional Training Programs training facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the website calls itself a museum, although it is unclear from the site if the museum is exclusively electronic or can be visited. It is the “official repository for historical radiological instruments” (home page), deemed so by the Health Physics Society.

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