AUTHORKoplow, David A.
TITLETesting a Nuclear Test Ban: What Should be Prohibited by a ‘Comprehensive’ Treaty?
CITYBrookfield, VT

This book, by a professor of international law, was written before the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) was fully negotiated. It suggests ways for the negotiators to best accomplish their objective of a comprehensive, permanent, universal abolition of nuclear explosions with unambiguous language. The book follows the history of CTBT negotiations through 1995 and then addresses three important questions underlying the CTBT. First, should selected types of nuclear explosions be permitted under a CTBT permanently or during a transitional phase? Second, should the definition of a nuclear explosion include low-yield events? And third, what procedure should be followed in recording a consensus on the above definitions. A final chapter concludes that care in crafting definitions is extremely important in the process, and that each of the possible loophole exceptions should be considered carefully; overall, it argues that the treaty should be truly comprehensive.

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