CREATORCenter for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University / Program on Science and Global Security, Princeton University
TITLEPreventing Nuclear Proliferation and Nuclear Terrorism: Essential Steps to Reduce the Availability of Nuclear-Explosive Materials
DATE ACCESSED25 March 2017

This web-based document is a joint report from Princeton and Stanford Universities about supply-side measures that need to be adopted internationally to prevent nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism. The 86-page report proposes that to effectively stop nuclear proliferation, fissile materials need to be secured or eliminated. The proposed ways of accomplishing that are to strengthen security in transportation and storage of fissile materials, to stop the spread of uranium enrichment and reprocessing facilities, to end production of weapons grade fissile material, to dispose of excess fissile material and to phase out the use of highly enriched uranium (HEU) as a reactor fuel. The report concedes that those measures are not sufficient in and of themselves. The reasons why countries seek nuclear weapons need to also be addressed in order to achieve effective anti-proliferation policies.

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