CREATORFerguson, Charles D.
TITLEPreventing Catastrophic Nuclear Terrorism
DATE ACCESSED25 March 2017

This web-based document is a 44-page special report of the Council on Foreign Relations addressing the risks of nuclear terrorism and what can be done about those risks, both domestically and internationally. The paper initially details the threats by exploring possible routes a terrorist could take to steal, buy, or build a weapon. The author then lays out the gaps in the international response to nuclear terrorism that would allow a terrorist to obtain a weapon by one of those routes. The paper focuses mainly on Pakistan and the unsecured fissile materials in the Former Soviet Union (FSU) as dangerous points of proliferation, as well as civilian reactors that use highly enriched uranium (HEU). The author proposes measures to counteract those dangers, including converting all civilian HEU reactors to low enriched uranium (LEU), increasing funding for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), offering to provide security technology to countries such as Pakistan, accelerating the securing of fissile material in the FSU, and removing and dismantling tactical nuclear weapons in the arsenals of both the United States and Russia.

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