AUTHORNeillands, Robin
TITLEThe Bomber War: The Allied Air Offensive against Nazi Germany
PUBLISHEROverlook Press
CITYWoodstock, NY

This book about the Allied air offensive during World War II seeks not only to tell the story of the bombing campaigns, but also to relate why the bomber war was fought the way it was, to what effect, and what its moral implications are. The book begins with the invention of the bomber and traces the history and use of bombers. The author then goes in depth into the air war, using the accounts of the veterans who fought it to put together an accurate picture of the war. The book climaxes at the raid on Dresden, Germany before exploring the moral questions raised by the high civilian casualties from massive bombing missions. In particular the author claims the U.S. Air Force didn’t really practice “precision” bombing, and he defends the use of strategic bombing of civilian populations in war. The book contains a few paragraphs commenting on nuclear weapons and their moral implications. The Allied campaigns in both Germany and Japan have been relevant to discussions of the decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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