AUTHORJack, Homer A., Ed.
TITLEOn Nuclear War and Peace: Albert Schweitzer
PUBLISHERBrethren Press
CITYElgin, Illinois

This book is a compilation of the writings of physician, theologian, and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Albert Schweitzer concerning nuclear war and peace in the atomic age. The book is organized into three sections: Addresses, Letters, and Legacy. The first section contains four addresses: Schweitzer's speech on receipt of a peace award from the German Association of Book Publishers and Sellers in 1951, “Humanity and Peace,” his Nobel Prize acceptance address in 1954, “The Problem of Peace in the World of Today,” a radio broadcast written in 1957 at the instigation of journalist Norman Cousins discussing the harmful effects of nuclear testing, “A Declaration of Conscience,” and a speech, “Peace or Atomic War,” given in three radio broadcasts in 1958: “The Renunciation of Nuclear Tests,” “The Danger of an Atomic War,” and “Negotiations at the Highest Level.” The second part contains correspondence with Cousins and with philosopher Bertrand Russell and letters to Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy, musician Pablo Casals, politician Adlai Stevenson, and others. The final section contains many quotations about nuclear issues and a chronology of Schweitzer’s life with landmarks in the atomic age.

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