CREATORCorcoran, Edward A.
TITLEStrategic Nuclear Weapons and Deterrence
DATE PUBLISHED29 November 2005
DATE ACCESSED25 March 2017

This web-based 2005 document is a strategic analysis of the nuclear threats the United States faces and what role the U.S. nuclear forces play against those threats. The author, a former United States nuclear weapons officer, first looks at the lesser nuclear threats, including North Korea (DPRK), Iran, Pakistan, India, and terrorists. He concludes that the current U.S. strategic nuclear forces are unnecessary and impractical in dealing with those threats. He then looks at major nuclear threats including China and Russia and once again concludes that U.S. strategic nuclear forces are impractical for dealing with them. The author recommends that the U.S. make deep unilateral reductions in its nuclear weapons arsenal as a way to improve both U.S. and global security by encouraging nuclear non-proliferation efforts. The website contains extensive links to relevant materials.

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