AUTHORCousins, Norman
TITLEModern Man is Obsolete
CITYNew York, NY
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Written at the dawn of the nuclear age, this short book discusses the implications of the atomic bomb and atomic energy. The author, Norman Cousins, a strong advocate for world peace and nuclear disarmament, synthesizes many of his views in the volume. He explores mankind’s tendency toward war and violence in connection with the use of atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Cousins, however, sees an opportunity in the atomic age that earlier societies either were not capable of or did not accept. As a corrective force for mankind’s expression of its nature in war and violence, Cousins advocates the abolition of national sovereignty and the institution of a world government, capable of harnessing those destructive expressions of human nature and preventing unilateral actions by nations intent on committing mankind to a course leading to its own destruction. Cousins sees a world government as the only viable option in the atomic era, the alternative being the abandonment of civilization and modernity. The book includes in the appendix excerpts from The Federalist, Nos. 14 and 37 by James Madison. It was originally published in the Saturday Review.

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