AUTHORHeller, Bill
TITLEA Good Day has No Rain
CITYAlbany, NY

This book describes how the United States government’s nuclear test named Simon in conjunction with a severe thunderstorm rained hazardous fallout on the Capital District in upstate New York. The author, Bill Heller, traces the events from the actual test to the jetstream carrying the fallout to upstate New York, where the fallout then encountered one of the most powerful thunderstorms that upstate New York had ever had. Then, using independent scientific measurements, Heller argues that the rain captured the fallout and contaminated the Capital District with dangerous levels of radioactivity. He then exposes what he claims is a government cover-up in the Atomic Energy Commision (AEC) and finally rests his case with the unusually high percentage of cancer deaths in the Capital District area. Heller is a free-lance journalist.

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