AUTHORBarnaby, Frank
TITLEThe Invisible Bomb: The Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East
PUBLISHERI. B. Tauris and Co.

This book discusses the Israeli nuclear weapons program and its implications for nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, based on the testimony of Mordechai Vanunu, an Israeli nuclear technician. The author, a physicist and nuclear weapons expert from the United Kingdom who interviewed Vanunu, first examines the details of Vanunu's revelations about the Israeli nuclear weapons program, sums up Israel’s capabilities, and estimates the size of its nuclear weapons arsenal. He then argues that Israel has more nuclear weapons than it needs for deterrence and claims that the oversized arsenal is an impetus for Arab nations to acquire nuclear weapons. The author then examines the possibility of an Arab nation or an Arab organization such as the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) constructing a nuclear weapon. He concludes by describing international controls that could prevent the situation in the Middle East from escalating to dangerous levels. Due to changes in the Middle East after the date of publication, the book is of more historical than current interest.

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