AUTHORGribkov, Anatoli I. / Smith, William Y., Eds.
TITLEOperation ANADYR: U.S. and Soviet Generals Recount the Cuban Missile Crisis
PUBLISHERedition q
CITYChicago, IL

This book is a memoir-history of the Cuban Missile Crisis by senior United States and Soviet military officers, one a Soviet general who was in charge of the Soviet deployments on Cuba, the other a more junior officer who saw the U.S. decisions at close hand. The authors back up their accounts by research in declassified documents from both U.S. and Soviet archives. In the closing chapters of the book, the two generals draw lessons from their experiences and express their views on the prospect of an American invasion of Cuba during the crisis, possible use of Soviet tactical nuclear weapons, and Soviet intentions behind the placement of the missiles. Edited by Alfred Friendly, Jr., the book contains a section of photographs and two appendices of key archival documents from both countries.

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