AUTHORSoddy, Frederick
TITLEThe Chemistry of the Radio-Elements: Part I
PUBLISHERLongmans, Green and Co.
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This classic work by chemist Fredrick Soddy elucidates the emerging connections among the chemical nature of the radioactive elements known at the time, their nuclear properties, isotopic theory, and the Periodic Law. The introduction, providing a review of radiochemistry, is followed by chapters classifying those elements, describing their chemical and physical properties, and distinguishing them. The last half of the book gives detailed, systematic descriptions of each of the elements. The book is a seminal contribution to the development of chemistry and physics. Part I was originally published in 1911 as a single volume, followed with Part II in 1913, and then substantially rewritten based on new discoveries and published in a second edition in 1914. Soddy received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1921.

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