AUTHORShalom, Zaki
TITLEIsrael’s Nuclear Option: Behind the Scenes Diplomacy between Dimona and Washington
PUBLISHERSussex Academic Press
CITYPortland, OR

This book is a study of the dialogues that took place between the United States and Israel concerning Israel’s nuclear program after Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor was made public in 1960. Using declassified sources in the U.S., Israel, Great Britain, Canada, and France, the author pieces together the diplomatic dialogues and maneuvers regarding the program that took place between the United States and Israel from 1960 to 1968. The book analyzes the changing stances the United States took, from intense pressure for international inspection to ignoring the program, and why they changed. It also touches on the debates, both public and private, that occurred in Israel about developing a nuclear option. The author concludes with a chapter about Israel’s nuclear stance as of the time of publication.

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