AUTHORAndrew Cockburn / Leslie Cockburn
TITLEOne Point Safe
PUBLISHERDoubleday Anchor Books
CITYNew York, NY

This book is an account by investigative journalists of the dangers posed by nuclear legacies of the Cold War, such as low security and a climate of corruption surrounding nuclear facilities in the former Soviet Union (FSU). In a narrative style, the authors examine known incidents of nuclear theft in the FSU, and possible ways for Russian nuclear materials to be stolen or sold, such as through corrupt government officials or Russian organized crime networks. They also describe the evolution of the response of the United States to that threat through the beginning of Bill Clinton’s second term as president. One chapter concerns the Iraqi nuclear program in the mid 1990s. The final chapters address the possibilities of an accidental nuclear launch and of nuclear weapons being smuggled into the United States. The book is based primarily on interviews, and chapters are sourced with short bibliographic references rather than endnotes.

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