CREATORMedalia, Jonathan
TITLENuclear Terrorism: A Brief Review of Threats and Responses
DATE PUBLISHED10 February 2005
DATE ACCESSED16 March 2017

This short web-based report describes the threats of nuclear terrorism and the efforts of the United States government to prevent it. The author, a national defense specialist, discusses the possibility and likely results of a nuclear terrorist attack, weapon delivery scenarios, and the possible methods and sources terrorists may use to obtain a nuclear weapon, with Russia, Pakistan, and nuclear reactors worldwide as likely sources of nuclear weapons or the fissile materials to construct nuclear weapons. The report describes the layered defense that the United States uses to prevent nuclear terrorism. Those defenses include programs to reduce the threat in the former Soviet Union, securing highly enriched uranium (HEU) around the world, securing the borders of the United States and other key nations, the Container Security Initiative, and the Proliferation Security Initiative. U.S. government policy options and pertinent Congressional bills are also discussed.

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