AUTHORKatz, Milton S.
TITLEBan the Bomb: A History of SANE, the Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, 1957-1985
PUBLISHERGreenwood Press
CITYWestport, CT

Beginning with the post-1945 peace movement in the United States, this book traces the origins and formation of SANE, the National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, and follows it through the mid-1980s. The book details the actions and influence of SANE in the peace movement, from organizing anti-Vietnam rallies to protests against the arms race. The author argues that SANE had a large impact on American society and played an important role in warning of the effects of continued nuclear testing and build-up as well as helping to define alternatives to the arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union. The book is partly based on interviews of the leading figures in SANE, including Norman Cousins and Benjamin Spock.

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