CREATORCambridge Physics
TITLEThe Museum at the Cavendish Laboratory
DATE ACCESSED16 March 2017

This website, part of the Cambridge Physics website, provides a virtual tour of the Cavendish Laboratory Museum housed at Cambridge University, England, as well as information on the museum and the scientific work done at the Cavendish Laboratory. The online tour visits each of the eight different sections of the museum. The tour is accompanied by explanatory comments that focus on the museum displays and explain the use of particular apparatus and the work of specific scientists. The web pages for each section are organized in subsections based on the different scientific issues dealt with at Cavendish. The lives and work of some prominent Cavendish scientists are briefly discussed, including James Clerk Maxwell, J. D. Cockcroft, James Chadwick, Ernest Rutherford, Brian Pippard, and J. J. Thomson. Numerous photographs are included. Apple Quicktime Player is required for the virtual tour and can be downloaded at the site.

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