AUTHORDeVolpi, Alexander / Minkov, Vladimir E. / Simonenko, Vadim A. / Stanford, George S.
TITLENuclear Shadowboxing: Contemporary Threats From Cold War Weaponry
PUBLISHERFidlar Doubleday
CITYKalamazoo, MI
ISBN0-9777734-0-X, 09777734-1-8

This two volume work written by scientists from the United States and the former Soviet Union presents a detailed narrative of weaponry of the nuclear age. The authors' premise is that the behavior of the two superpowers accelerated a nuclear arms race that benefited neither country and created a legacy that will endure into the forseeable future. Besides addressing Cold War events and issues, as well as the resulting legacies and challenges, the authors review the present situation, e.g., proliferation risks, environmental clean-up problems, and problems of unauthorized use of nuclear weapons. This substantial work includes a glossary of terms and numerous appendices that provide more information on topics covered in the text. The volumes were published separately with the additional subtitles Cold War Redux and Legacies and Challenges.

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