AUTHORWirtz, James J. / Larsen, Jeffrey A., Eds.
TITLENuclear Transformation: The New U.S. Nuclear Doctrine
PUBLISHERPalgrave Macmillan
CITYNew York, NY

This series of essays presents differing views on the meaning, importance, and potential impact of the Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) of 2001. The NPR is a report urging the United States to change the nuclear deterrent of the Cold War to a broad-based strategic deterrent, including new uses for nuclear weapons, conventional precision-strike forces, and missile defenses. The contributors discuss the historical context of preemption, new roles for nuclear and nonnuclear offensive strike forces, and the creation of the “new triad” advocated by the review consisting of strategic strike and defense capabilities and a responsive defense infrastructure. The volume includes different points of view on certain topics, lending a more comprehensive analysis; in particular, Jeffrey Larsen asserts that the impact of implementation of the NPR would actually be a new kind of arms control, while Jeffrey Knopf believes that it would aid in proliferation of nuclear weapons. In addition, the book contains several chapters detailing international reactions from North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member countries, Russia, South and Northeast Asia, and the Middle East. The contributors include consultants and professors in government, public policy, national security, and political science.

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