AUTHORNakdimon, Shlomo
TITLEFirst Strike: The Exclusive Story of How Israel Foiled Iraq's Attempt to Get the Bomb
CITYNew York, NY

Originally published in Hebrew, this book is a detailed account of the Israeli bombing in 1981 of Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor located near Baghdad. It follows Iraq’s pursuit of a nuclear bomb from the 1950s onwards and focuses on Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein’s attempts in the late 1970s to secure Western assistance to that end. The author, Shlomo Nakdimon, also explores the diplomatic efforts of both Israel and the United States to stop Iraq from receiving assistance from the West. The author describes how, after the diplomatic route failed, the Prime Minister of Israel, Menahem Begin, came to the decision to use military force to destroy Iraq’s ability to produce a nuclear weapon. Finally, the book chronicles the aftermath of the raid and the diplomatic fallout Israel faced. Because of the sensitivity of the subject matter, many of the names in the book have been changed and some of the sources remain undisclosed. Nakdimon is an Israeli journalist.

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