DIRECTORBridges, James
TITLEThe China Syndrome
DISTRIBUTORColumbia Pictures
RUNNING TIME122 minutes

This fictional film depicts a narrowly averted meltdown at a nuclear power plant in Los Angeles, California and the efforts of three people who witness the accident to inform the public of the potential hazards at the plant. The movie stars Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas as a reporter and a cameraman who secretly record footage of the frantic actions of the control room staff at the plant as they work to prevent the nuclear disaster. Later the pair recruits the help of the plant supervisor, played by Jack Lemmon, to expose abuses in the plant’s required safety regimen. The film became particularly relevant when just 12 days after its release, a near meltdown occurred at the nuclear power plant at Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania. The film received four Academy Award nominations.

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