AUTHORBriggs, Lyman J.
TITLENBS War Research: The National Bureau of Standards in World War II
PUBLISHERUnited States Department of Commerce
CITYWashington, D.C.
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In this 186-page report, Lyman Briggs summarizes the war research of the National Bureau of Standards during World War II. Published in 1949, the report describes the research in 14 areas of military technology, including the atomic bomb, the air burst proximity fuse, guided missiles, radio propagation, quartz crystals, fuels and lubricants, and high polymers. The first four areas, which Briggs calls most significant and striking, are the primary focus of the report. He describes the early research of Lawrence, the basic properties of uranium, and the initial expenditures for the atomic bomb project, but he offers little information on the technology of the atomic bomb after 1942. The author explains the administrative role of the National Defense Research Committee established by President Roosevelt. Overall, the report shows how the United States government spearheaded scientific advances in military technology to help win World War II.

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