AUTHORCochran, Thomas B. / Paine, Christopher E. / Fettus, Geoffrey / Norris, Robert S. / McKinzie, Matthew
TITLEPostion Paper: Commercial Nuclear Power
PUBLISHERNatural Resources Defense Council
CITYNew York, NY
ISBNNo number - Use WorldCat box link below
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Available online from Natural Resources Defense Council

This short report from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) considers nuclear power as a source of energy for the United States as an option to meet the global climate challenge. It suggests that current problems with security, safety, environmental exposure, and economics make nuclear power an undesirable means for combating global warming. Details associated with each of these problems are presented. Until such time as the nuclear power industry is able to overcome those problems, the NRDC favors approaches to reducing carbon emissions that it finds to be more practical, economical, and environmentally sustainable. Appendices contain a primer on nuclear reactors and the nuclear fuel cycle and a summary of U.S. policy regarding reprocessing and plutonium recycling.

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