CREATORDion, Arnold S.
TITLEHarry K. Daghlian, Jr.: America's First Peacetime Atom Bomb Fatality

This website is a tribute to nuclear physicist Harry Daghlian, who lost his life following an accident during a critical assembly test at the Los Alamos Laboratory in August 1945 at the age of 24. The main sections of the site focus on Daghlian’s life up to his participation in the Manhattan Project, his work at Los Alamos, the accident that eventually claimed his life, and the subsequent 26 days in which he suffered from acute radiation sickness. In addition, the site contains information on the dedication of a memorial to Daghlian in New London, Connecticut in 2000 and the text of the Proclamation of Remembrance and Dedication issued for the occasion by the mayor of New London. A list of selected books on atomic history, some photographs, and relevant links are included.

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