AUTHORCaidin, Martin
TITLEThe Night Hamburg Died
PUBLISHERBallantine Books
CITYNew York, NY
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This book describes the Allied bombing of Hamburg in July 1943. Caidin’s narration is more dramatic and poetic than historical, though he does offer relevant statistics. His main focus is the agony of the citizens of Hamburg on the night of July 23 when British bombers released 2300 tons of high explosives and incendiary bombs, unhindered by German defenses because of “Window”, the radar jamming system. The author explains to some extent the evolution of the German night fighters, the British countermeasures, and the earlier battles in the European skies. His book gives the viewpoint of the men in the bombers and the men who tried to shoot them down. Mostly, however, Caidin explores the victims’ experience of the firebombing that destroyed 6,000 acres of Germany’s second largest city. He explains that many of those in air-raid shelters died of heat and asphyxiation from a raging firestorm. The author refers to the ten-day bombing of Hamburg as “the worst of the disasters visited upon civilization during the insanity of World War II” (foreword).

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