AUTHORHull, McAllister / Banco, Amy
TITLERider of the Pale Horse: A Memoir of Los Alamos and Beyond
PUBLISHERUniversity of New Mexico Press
CITYAlbuquerque, NM

This memoir describes the work of McAllister Hull, an enlisted member of the Army's Special Engineer Detachment (SED) at Los Alamos during World War II and physicist for the postwar nuclear tests held at Bikini Atoll. He details the dangerous and dirty work of preparing the conventional explosives used to compress plutonium into the supercritical masses of the first implosion nuclear weapons. The narrative includes glimpses of the daily life of the soldiers in the SED detatchment at Los Alamos. Hull also recounts his concerns about the development of the hydrogen bomb and the arms race during the Cold War.

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