AUTHORLangewiesche, William
TITLEThe Wrath of Khan: How A. Q. Khan Made Pakistan a Nuclear Power—and Showed that the Spread of Atomic Weapons Can't be Stopped
ISSUE NUMBER4 (November)
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Available online from The Atlantic Monthly   (subscription required)

This is the first of two articles focusing on the role of Abdul Quadeer Khan in developing Pakistan's nuclear weapons program and in spreading that technology to other countries. The article cover's Khan's life, including his childhood in India, his migration in 1952 to the newly formed country of Pakistan, his college education in Karachi, Pakistan, his doctoral studies in metallurgy at Catholic University in the Netherlands, and his employment by a Dutch company that produced enriched uranium. That position allowed him access to centrifuge technology for uranium enrichment, which he took to Pakistan to assist in the development of a weapon to counter the Indian nuclear threat. The article concludes with Khan's work as the director of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program in the late 1970s, which led to successful tests of nuclear weapons in 1998. The author provides interesting insights into Khan's religious, political, and financial motives for that work.

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