AUTHORArneson, Gordon
TITLEThe H-Bomb Decision
PERIODICAL TITLEForeign Service Journal
PAGE NUMBERS27-29, 24-27, 43

This two part article, written by a retired Foreign Service officer, examines the decision by the United States to develop a hydrogen bomb. It first reviews the recommendation of the General Advisory Committee, chaired by Manhattan Project scientific head, J. Robert Oppenheimer, against building the hydrogen bomb. The author then explores how the various departments of the government came to their own conclusions. He focuses on the decision-making process in the Department of State because he played a central role in that process himself. The author includes the major points of a report he prepared that Secretary of State Dean Acheson used as the recommendation to President Eisenhower to proceed with development. He also reviews the arguments of diplomat George Kennan and bureaucrats David Lilienthal and Paul Nitze.

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