AUTHORGarfinkle, Adam M.
TITLEThe Politics of the Nuclear Freeze
PUBLISHERForeign Policy Research Institute
CITYPhiladelphia, PA

This book presents the origins and popularization of the nuclear freeze movement, especially the political aspects in the months before the 1984 presidential election in the United States. The book details the roots of the freeze movement and its interactions with conservatives within the framework of mainstream American politics. The author focuses on domestic politics, presenting a case study analysis of domestic political pressures affecting national security policy. The book gives a unique view of the freeze movement in that it was published before the downfall of the freeze movement through Ronald Reagan’s landslide presidential victory in 1984. It is one in the series Philadelphia Policy Papers that analyzes U.S. foreign and defense policies. The author, Adam Garfinkle, has written books on defense related issues and worked as a speechwriter for the U.S. Secretary of State.

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