CREATORWampler, Robert A.
TITLENorth Korea and Nuclear Weapons: The Declassified U.S. Record
DATE ACCESSED24 February 2017

This web page provides essential background on the dispute between the United States and North Korea (DPRK) over the Korean nuclear program. It contains 24 documents written from 1982 to 2003. Many of them are declassified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) briefs that illustrate the increasing concern over time within the U.S. intelligence community about the North Korean nuclear program. Other documents included are U.S. Department of State and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) papers, a House of Representatives advisory group report, excerpts from two important books on the subject, and a 1991 cable from Secretary of State James Baker to Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney that pertained to the diplomatic positions of the South Korean, Chinese, and Japanese governments regarding the North Korean problem. Some of the declassified documents have been redacted. A few selected links to other web pages about North Korea’s nuclear program are included. The collection of documents is Briefing Book No. 87 of the National Security Archive, "an independent, non-governmental research institute and library located at George Washington University in Washington, D.C." (home page).

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