AUTHORBernardini, Carlo / Bonolis, Luisa, Eds.
TITLEEnrico Fermi: His Work and Legacy
PUBLISHERSocietà Italiana di Fisica
CITYBologna, Italy

This book presents the life of 1938 physics Nobel laureate Enrico Fermi through his works and the eyes of his colleagues. The first part of the book is a biographical compilation, with an introduction and three commemorative talks by physicists who worked with Fermi. The second part contains 14 papers about Fermi’s work and its impact, especially during World War II, in different fields, including statistics, electrodynamics, mechanics, and nuclear physics. The third part is a useful chronology that presents a year-by-year catalogue and discussion of Fermi’s work. Additionally, there are a number of charts, graphs, and photographs throughout the text, as well as a dozen or so reproductions of Fermi’s handwritten notes.

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