CREATORSitz, Ken / Greerhart, Bill / Samson, Curtis
DATE ACCESSED24 February 2017

This eclectic website contains a number of articles and other resources that illuminate Cold War culture in the United States. It is the creation of "writers who grew up in the shadow of the BOMB and all its attendant pop culture fallout" ("about us" page). The site offers multimedia materials, from articles to podcasts to images. Some sample articles cover a honeymooning couple who spent two weeks in a bomb shelter, radio warning capabilities during the Cold War, and American perceptions of the atomic bomb directly after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The site also contains information about vinyl recordings of supplies needed for survival of an atomic bombing and one with communist songs and a cell meeting. All together, the site presents a number of propaganda resources from the Cold War, including “Duck and Cover” drills, as well as cultural outgrowths, such as recipes for atomic cocktails.

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