AUTHORRobinson, George O.
TITLEThe Oak Ridge Story
PUBLISHERKingsport Press
CITYKingsport, TE
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This remarkable account portrays the large industrial effort that produced the uranium isotope, U-235, for the first atomic bomb, as well as the resulting transformation of the rural community of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Robinson focuses on the physical aspects of the plants—where they were built, how much they cost, what they did—down to the board feet of lumber and parking for workers. His book conveys a sense of the enormity of the effort, and the importance it held for the Manhattan Project. Robinson provides both pictures and tales that contrast the sprawling industry of the war effort with the landscape and lifestyle that were permanently changed by it. In his final chapters, he describes the shift in Oak Ridge administration from military to civilian, and its future as a self-governing community.

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