AUTHORMoltz, James Clay / Mansourov, Alexandre Y., Eds.
TITLEThe North Korean Nuclear Program: Security, Strategy, and New Perspectives from Russia
PUBLISHERRoutledge for International Institute for Strategic Studies
CITYLondon, UK

The editors of this book present essays covering a broad range of issues related to North Korea’s attempt to build nuclear weapons. Attempting to address the lack of intelligence scholarship on the nuclear weapons program of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), they assemble essays from Russian experts who had contact with North Korea during the Soviet communist period. The book is composed of five sections, which study the history, economic context, political and military factors, international context, and future issues surrounding the North Korean nuclear weapons program. The book expresses the Russian view of why the DPRK embarked on the controversial program, and how the situation can be resolved.

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