AUTHORDower, John W.
CHAPTER TITLE"NI" and "F": Japan's Wartime Atomic Bomb Research
BOOK TITLEJapan in War and Peace
CITYNew York, NY

This chapter in a book by John Dower explores the effort by Japan to develop an atomic bomb during World War II. In the chapter, Dower first reviews previous publications on the subject and rejects the claim that Japan tried to keep the effort secret after the war. He then briefly reviews the history of physics in Japan. While comparing and contrasting the atomic programs in different countries, he states that most of the Japanese scientists did not believe Japan or any other country could build an atomic bomb in time to be used during World War II. Consequently, they never felt that they were in a race in the way that the United States did, and Japan devoted few resources to the program. The chapter concludes by exploring the army’s research program in Tokyo, the “NI Project," and the navy’s program in Kyoto, the “F Project." Dower, a historian, provides extensive endnotes.

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