AUTHORThomson, J. J.
TITLERecollections and Reflections
PUBLISHERThe Macmillan Company
CITYToronto, Canada
ISBNNo Number - use WorldCat search box below

This book, the autobiography of Nobel laureate in Physics, J. J. Thomson, covers a wide range of topics, including people, travels, and scientific research. The book begins with Thomson's childhood and his education at Owens College and Trinity College. Thomson then recalls various research projects at the Cavendish Laboratory, lectures from his journeys to America, Canada, and Germany, among other countries, and his work during World War I. The final chapters of the book focus on the discovery of the electron, and other scientific topics, including radioactivity and the theory of relativity. Additionally, Thomson mentions numerous students and colleagues, and he comments on the status of female students in late 19th century education.

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