AUTHORGosling, F. G.
TITLEThe Manhattan Project: Making the Atomic Bomb
PUBLISHERU.S. Department of Energy
CITYWashington, D.C.
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Available online from Department of Energy

Published by the United States Department of Energy, this 142 page history of the Manhattan Project is a brief, concise, and technical version of the making of the atomic bomb, presented through the lens of physics. Like many historians, Gosling begins the story with Einstein’s letter and the impact it had on President Roosevelt. Part I highlights the discovery of fission and early American work on it. Part II describes early government support for research on isotope separation, and the founding of the National Defense Research Committee under Vannevar Bush. Part III traces the role of the Manhattan Engineering District under the leadership of General Groves, and its choice of paths for bomb development. Part IV, the most extensive section of the book, outlines the Manhattan Project in operation, with detailed descriptions of Hanford’s plutonium pile and the gaseous diffusion plant at Oak Ridge. Part V explains the decision to use, and the dropping of the two atomic bombs. Part VI tells of changes in post-war bomb preparation and assembly, and discusses the major postwar legislation on atomic energy including the establishment of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC).

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