AUTHORPodvig, Pavel / Kadyshev, Timur / Miasnikov, Eugene / Sutyagin, Igor / Tarasenko, Maxim / Zhelezov, Boris / Bukharin, Oleg, Eds.
TITLERussian Strategic Nuclear Forces
CITYCambridge, MA

This book provides an overview of the Soviet nuclear program from its beginnings through the breakup of the Soviet Union. It details the history of the Soviet nuclear program, weapons production, and military capabilities, including the Strategic Rocket Forces, the Russian Navy and nuclear submarines, and long-range aviation. The authors also cover nuclear testing; nuclear reforms; strategic defenses, such as early warning systems; and political control over nuclear decision making. The book contains many diagrams and gives in-depth tables of Soviet nuclear tests and air capabilities. Owing to the secrecy surrounding the Soviet/Russian nuclear program, much of the information presented was unknown until the publication of this seminal work. The book makes a valuable contribution to arms control debates around the world by making information about the Soviet/Russian nuclear program available and accessible despite the Russian government’s ongoing desire to limit its dissemination. Furthermore, the authors themselves took a risk in writing the book and have encountered some opposition from the Russian government as a result. The authors were inspired by resources detailing the American nuclear program to investigate the status of the Soviet nuclear program.

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