AUTHORGusterson, Hugh
TITLELos Alamos: Summer under Siege
PERIODICAL TITLEBulletin of the Atomic Scientists

This article describes a series of events, beginning with allegations that a scientist, Wen Ho Lee, had stolen the design for a W88 warhead, that occurred in and around the Los Alamos National Laboratory during the summer of 1999. As a result, Energy Secretary Bill Richardson introduced security measures that many of the employees at the laboratory objected to, including polygraph tests. As the laboratory was planning to test a biological agent, interest group pressure forced cancellation of the experiment. Finally, on August 9th, the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, a demonstration against nuclear weapons took place at Los Alamos. One speaker, Helen Caldicott, attacked Los Alamos as an evil place that was “preparing the global gas oven” (p. 41). The author of the article was at the time an associate professor of anthropology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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