AUTHORGowing, Margaret / Arnold, Lorna
TITLEIndependence and Deterrence: Britain and Atomic Energy, 1945-1952, Volume 1: Policy Making
PUBLISHERSt. Martin’s Press
CITYNew York, NY
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This book, a volume of the official history of the British nuclear program, explores domestic politics and foreign diplomatic relations that shaped the program. The book is a chronological narrative of the nuclear program, with an emphasis on attempts at British-American collaboration. The authors present telegraphs to President Harry S. Truman and other diplomatic communications with the United States. Additionally, after describing the discovery of Soviet spy Klaus Fuchs, the book details further attempts at joint programs with the United States and Canada, which finally settled on shared sources of uranium. As part of explaining policy, the authors also highlight deterrence and international controls. First author, Margaret Gowing, was commissioned by the British Atomic Energy Authority to write this official history, a sequel to her 1939-1945 volume.

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