AUTHORBryant, Peter
TITLERed Alert
PUBLISHERAce Books, Inc.
CITYNew York, NY
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This novel follows the story of an American nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, the threat of worldwide annihilation by cobalt bombs that results, and the averting of that threat. An American general uses a contingency plan to authorize an attack, thinking it will bring about world peace because he is unaware of the cobalt devices. The plan leaves a very limited option for recall, forcing a frenzied search for the recall code and an invasion of a military base. Luckily, an officer guesses the correct code and the attack airplanes are recalled, except for Alabama Angel, a bomber whose communications were damaged by Soviet defenses. Through communication with Soviet leaders, a retaliatory attack is avoided and preparations made for ensuring peace using what would later come to be known as mutually assured destruction (MAD). The book was originally published under the title Two Hours to Doom; both publications appeared under the author's pseudonym rather than his real name, Peter George. Red Alert provided aspects of the storyline for the famous film Dr. Strangelove.

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