CREATORSublette, Carey
TITLEThe Nuclear Weapon Archive
DATE PUBLISHED3 September 2007
DATE ACCESSED11 November 2016

This website, maintained by a former weapons systems analyst, offers extensive information on the history and status of nuclear weapons through 2007. The site is organized chronologically, with a section on the physics that led up to the Fat Man and Little Boy atomic bombs, a section on atomic and nuclear weapons since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and a section on the current state of nuclear weapons in the world. The user can explore a voluminous statistical and photographic record of each nation’s current and past nuclear arsenals, and a history of its above ground tests. A link section offers a list of over 800 nuclear-related Web links. Further, the site includes an encyclopedic reference library, a "frequently asked questions" section, and a list of articles about nuclear weapons.

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