AUTHORBotti, Timothy J.
TITLEAce in the Hole: Why the United States Did Not Use Nuclear Weapons in the Cold War, 1945-1965
PUBLISHERGreenwood Press
CITYWestport, CT

This book outlines the policies of the United States during the first twenty years of the Cold War, emphasizing diplomatic relations with allies and the reasoning in not using nuclear weapons. It evaluates situations in South Korea, Formosa (Taiwan), and Berlin, and the Cuban Missile Crisis, presenting the military, diplomatic, and political reasoning in the presidential administrations of John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower behind not using the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Additionally, the book discusses early Cold War strategy in not launching a preemptive strike while the United States maintained a nuclear advantage over the Soviet Union. The author, Timothy Botti, is an unaffiliated historian who has written several books on military studies.

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