AUTHORKramish, Arnold
TITLEThe Griffin: Paul Rosbaud and the Nazi Atomic Bomb That Never Was
PUBLISHERHoughton Mifflin Company
CITYBoston, MA

This book tells the story of Paul Rosbaud, the highest-placed British spy in Germany throughout World War II. Rosbaud provided Winston Churchill with the OSLO Report, which described the secrets of Blitzkrieg and U-boat warfare. He was the first to report on the V-1 and V-2 rocket programs. Rosbaud, whose code name was “The Griffin”, provided early news of German interest in building an atomic bomb. It was his intelligence that later calmed British fears of the bomb, as he reported on its stagnant progress. His other achievements include helping Lise Mietner escape Nazi Germany. Kramish integrates the spy’s story into the larger arena of intelligence and warfare in World War II.

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