CREATORPike, John / Aftergood, Steven
TITLEIntelligence Threat Assessments
DATE ACCESSED17 February 2017

This website provides a collection of official documents and other resources concerning threats to intelligence regarding the United States, with sections on weapons of mass destruction (WMD), including nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, as well as missile capabilities. An intelligence threat is defined as "the intention and capability of any adversary to acquire and exploit critical information" (p. 5) in The Intelligence Threat Handbook, one of the documents provided. The section on WMDs contains unclassified reports to the Congress of the United States, reports from the United Kingdom, and dozens of links to other WMD resources. The sections on missiles and chemical and biological weapons are similar, with the missile page containing a table of all countries possessing missile capabilities. Additionally, there are links to material on terrorism, cyber security, crime, narcotics, and the environment. Reports are from both before and after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. The website is published by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS).

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