DIRECTORThe History Channel
TITLEHitler’s A-Bomb
RUNNING TIME50 minutes

This film details the Allied efforts to halt German heavy water production at the Norsk Hydro factory in Telemark, Norway during World War II. With reenacted scenes, commuter generated animations, and narration, the film describes the various Allied and underground missions against the factory, beginning with the planned attack by commandos that ended with a plane crash and the execution of all survivors. Three months later, a handful of Norwegian commandos successfully atacked the factory. The Germans subsequently rebuilt the damaged parts of the factory, but after an air raid in November of 1943, they attempted to move their remaining heavy water to Germany. The ferry transporting the heavy water was attacked and sunk. The film argues that the acts of sabotage against the German heavy water production capabilities affected the outcome of the war by preventing the Nazis from creating an atomic bomb.

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