CREATORBurr, William
TITLENational Intelligence Estimates of the Nuclear Proliferation Problem: The First Ten Years, 1957-1967
DATE ACCESSED17 February 2017

This web page contains 15 official U.S. government documents written from 1957 to 1967, which analyze the possibility of various countries developing nuclear weapons and conjecture about the results of greater nuclear proliferation. The sometimes prescient and often mistaken estimates in the documents give insight into the knowledge of the U.S. intelligence services at the time and the attitudes of the U.S. government toward nuclear issues. The documents originated primarily from the Department of State, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and U.S. embassies in Europe. Among the countries discussed in the documents are Israel, France, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Japan, Canada, West Germany, Italy, China, and India. The documents are complemented by informative commentary that describes them and their creation and declassification. The collection of documents is Briefing Book No. 155 of the National Security Archive, "an independent, non-governmental research institute and library located at George Washington University in Washington, D.C." (home page).

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