CREATORSettle, Frank / Whaley, Tom / Blackmer, Elizabeth R. / Strang, Judy
TITLEAlsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues
DATE ACCESSED17 February 2017

This website is a comprehensive and balanced, searchable resource providing annotated bibliographic references dealing with a wide spectrum of nuclear issues. The materials annotated and catalogued include books, articles, films, and websites in the diverse fields of science, the humanities, the social sciences, and the arts. Among the topics dealt with are historical issues, such as the Manhattan Project and its consequences, as well as more modern issues, such as nuclear terrorism and nuclear power. Each annotation is reviewed by a prestigious National Advisory Board and includes bibliographic information and a list of the major topics, locations, and people appearing in the reference. The annotations can be printed or saved to a customizable bibliography and are useful for scholars, students, and general users alike. Recommended resources are starred. The website also contains a brief historical overview of the nuclear age, as well as links to web pages that explain the related scientific advances of that time period.

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