AUTHORBotti, Timothy J.
TITLEThe Long Wait: The Forging of the Anglo-American Nuclear Alliance, 1945-1958
PUBLISHERGreenwood Press
CITYWestport, CT

This book describes conflicts, attempts at cooperation, and consultations concerning atomic weapons and atomic energy between the United States and Britain during the presidencies of Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower. The author focuses largely on the Truman administration’s unwillingness to cooperate over atomic energy and consequent British disappointment after having originally contributed to the American nuclear program during World War II. The author also thoroughly discusses Eisenhower’s greater willingness to cooperate with the British, and the Eisenhower administration’s conflicts with the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy (JCAE) over sharing important nuclear information with the British. Lastly, the book evaluates the nuclear policy agreement that was finally reached in 1958, which was spurred on by the strain in Anglo-American relations caused by both the Suez Crisis and the concern inspired by the Soviet launching of Sputnik. The author is a historian specializing in American foreign policy history.

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