AUTHORFerrell, Robert H., Ed.
TITLEHarry S. Truman and the Bomb: A Documentary History
PUBLISHERHigh Plains Publishing Company
CITYWorland, WY

This book is a collection of documents, a number of which were written by President Harry Truman, concerning the use of atomic bombs against Japan during World War II. Many of the documents are Truman’s letters, diary entries, and handwritten notes. Various other documents included in the book were written by important military and governmental leaders, including Secretary of War Henry Stimson and General Leslie Groves, the military leader of the Manhattan Project. Also included are the text of the Potsdam Declaration, the White House and War Department press releases after the first atomic bombing, the translated text of leaflets dropped on Japan telling the Japanese to end their resistance and to evacuate their cities, the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey, and White House memoranda. The book contains explanatory commentary for each document, as well as some photographs and facsimiles.

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